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This game is just shear quality  Empty

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This game is just shear quality  Empty This game is just shear quality

on Wed Jun 06, 2018 4:29 pm
I found this review on

" Of course, it is just a matter of our individual tastes, in the end, so I will say that I have been sick and tired of games that, although utterly beatifully drawn and with very suggestive scenes, are so easy that end being a big, boring disappointment. I honestly don't care much if I have just one key in my inventory, only one locked door to open and a bunch of cute helpers suggesting I try to open the door with the key.....
This game is just the right difficulty for me. The storyline has some logic to it, even if you will still have to chase the big bad devilish guy who abducted your baby daughter to make an elisir out of her, be invincible and, no doubt, conquer the world. Dialogue is convincingly delivered, minigames are reasonably hard to solve, and you will really have to look hard for objects scattered in the beautifully drawn scenery, because they are not easily spotted, and I found myself using a hint a couple times. I very much like the sounds in this game, the pouring rain, the sound of leaves when you move them... relaxing and appropriate. I don't care much for the music, though, as it tends to be repetitive. Even collectibles and morphing objects are interesting enough to make this CE a buy for me. You will find scattered toys from your daughter, and it is not always obvious that you have to collect them. Actually, at least in trial time, (hardest difficulty), I found a number of things I could interact with, but that had no use in solving the story, wich is an added touch of realism, in my opinion. The only drawback is that some may indeed find the game too romantic or sugary, so I suggest, as always, to try it before buying. For me, a definite buy in CE, that is something I have not seen in quite some time." cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers
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